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Bus Fuss

The Dinosaurs are Keeping Score:  Who Will Raise More?

Team Gus (the Stegosaurus) or Team Russ (the T-Rex)?

Things are heating up as Team Gus and Team Russ vie to be the winning dinosaur in the push to raise money for a new tour bus at Dinosaur Ridge.

Last year we had 35,000 people take our tour buses at Dinosaur Ridge.  People have so much to learn from our knowledgeable bus drivers about our fossil sites and dinosaur tracks. We have 40-minute tours where people can see and touch the fossils and tracks and visit the #1 ranked dinosaur track site. But we don’t have enough buses! Please watch the Gus and Russ video and consider donating to this worthy cause so that our visitors can continue to learn about the rich paleontological and geological history at Dinosaur Ridge. Use the form below to donate to your favorite team and please end the fuss and help us buy a new bus! The above graphic will be updated weekly so you can track how much money each team has rasied.

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