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EarthCaching and Geocaching

The most exciting way to learn about the Earth and its processes is to get into the outdoors and experience it first-hand. Visiting an EarthCache site is a great outdoor activity the whole family can enjoy. The Geological Society of America (GSA) administers the listing of EarthCache sites around the world.

An EarthCache site is a special place that people can visit to learn about a unique geoscience feature or aspect of our Earth. Visitors to EarthCache sites can see how geological processes have shaped our planet, how we manage the resources and how scientists gather evidence to learn about the Earth.

For more information on EarthCaching, how it’s done, what is required, and EarthCache locations at Dinosaur Ridge and Triceratops Trail, please visit

GeoCaching is much like EarthCaching in terms of using a GPS receiver to locate specific areas, markers, or trails. However, GeoCaching is more of an outdoor, GPS-supported treasure-hunt. Fun for the whole family, GeoCaching involves locating cleverly hidden boxes along trails or other outdoor oriented areas. These hidden boxes contain a treasure, which you can add to or replace, a small notebook for signing in, and only requires a GeoCaching nick-name to participate!

For more information on GeoCaching, how it’s done, what is required, and GeoCache locations at Dinosaur Ridge and Triceratops Trail, please visit

*Dinosaur Ridge and Triceratops Trail are both EarthCache and GeoCache supported sites. Visit our Discovery Day page in the Events section for more information on the EarthCache and GeoCache Day



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