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We've raised almost $13,000 so far for the Crocodile Creek stairs project. However, we need an additional $10,000 to finish this fundraising campaign. Don't miss out of the chance to double your impact. Every dollar you give will be matched by the Harvey Family Foundation (up to $25,000).

The Crocodile Creek project will consist of a modest stairway for visitors to safely access additional dinosaur and crocodile tracks near FoDR’s main tracksite. In the next few years, we will begin construction on our long-anticipated tracksite cover to preserve the 300+ tracks at the main tracksite. During construction of the tracksite cover, we will be forced to temporarily close the main tracksite. With the tracksite closed, we will need an alternative tracksite for our visitors to view.

The Crocodile Creek site is a unique frozen snapshot of a tidal channel habitat from 100 million years ago. The sloping edges of the channel can be seen uphill (south) and downhill (north) from the staircase and will be more easily seen from the newly constructed viewing platform. In the main channel areas, there are many sandstone layers with the scratch impressions of crocodile swim tracks and several duck-billed dinosaur traces (ornithopod tracks).

FODR currently has 81% of the funds needed to complete this project thanks to the generous donations of Jefferson County, the Harvey Family Foundation, and the 1772 Foundation, and FoDR supporters. Construction documents and project costs are finalized. Please help us finish this campaign strong and DOUBLE THE IMPACT of your gift by donating today:



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