The Discovery Center serves as a west side Visitor Center for Dinosaur Ridge to, in part, allow visitors to Red Rocks Amphitheater and Park to experience Dinosaur Ridge.

The Discovery Center is located at 17681 West Alameda Parkway, Golden, CO 80402 (Red Rocks Park Entrance #1 off of Highway 93).

Before you go to Red Rocks, check out the Discovery Center gift shop and exhibit. The upper floor is open to the public daily (see current hours) and features a gift shop and an exhibit that focuses on the unique plants and animals that lived in Colorado 150- to 68-million-years ago...the same flora and fauna of which there's evidence at Dinosaur Ridge and Triceratops Trail!

Discovery Center Exhibits

Give our Allosaurus, Stegosaurus, and crocodile a pat on the nose and learn about our other critters, too! Our touch-friendly exhibits encourage kids to see how they measure up to a sub-adult Stegosaurus and shake hands with our almost full-grown Allosaurus. The exhibits focus on animals and plants that lived in the area during the Late Jurassic (150 million years ago) through the Late Cretaceous (68 million years ago). Colorado has changed drastically from floodplain to beach, ocean to swamp, and our exhibit takes visitors through those changes while examining the living things from these periods and how they adapted to the new landscapes. We also have a variety of precious fossil specimens for visitors to view and enjoy.

Thank you to the donors and institutions who made these exhibits possible with loaned display items:

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Dave Schmude

Dinosaur Brokers

Western Interior Paleontological Society

John Hankla (Collective Collection Temporary Exhibits)

Discovery Center Gift Shop

The Discovery Center's gift shop features books, toys, jewelry, fossils, minerals, and many other great souvenirs, as well as snacks and clothing. Questions or want to order something to be shipped? Contact the Discovery Center gift shop at 720-407-8280, or e-mail Gift Shop Manager Sue Kaberline at For more information and pictures of some of the featured available items, please see the Main Visitor Center Gift Shop page.

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