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Discovery Center

The Discovery Center was officially opened in September of 2014 and is located at Entrance number 1 of Red Rocks Park. This building is not replacing the main Visitor Center off of C-470 and Alameda Parkway, but will serve as a Visitor Center from the west side of the Ridge in hopes of catching Red Rocks visitors that may not have intended to stop by Dinosaur Ridge at all on their way up to a concert or hike.

The upper floor is open to the public daily (see current hours) and features a gift shop and an exhibit that focuses on the unique plants and animals that lived in Colorado 150 to 68 million years ago. Come give our Allosaurus, Stegosaurus, and crocodile a pat on the nose!

Come walk with our critters! Our touch-friendly exhibits encourage kids to see how they measure up to a half-size Stegosaurus and shake hands with our ¾ size Allosaurus. This exhibit focuses on the animals and plants that lived in the area throughout the Late Jurassic (150 million years ago) through the Late Cretaceous (68 million years ago). Colorado has changed drastically from floodplain to beach to ocean to swamp, and our exhibit takes you through those changes while looking at the living things affected and how they adapted to the new landscapes.


Temporary Exhibits

Current Temp Exhibit:
No temporary exhibit currently displayed. Check back soon!

Gift Shop
Before you go on a hike of Red Rocks or head over to the main Visitor Center to take a guided tour to see our tracks and bones, check out our little shop! Fossils, minerals, posters, books, toys, jewelry and much more is available for purchase at very competitive prices! There’s a little something for everyone on our shelves!

Discovery Center
17681 W Alameda Parkway
Golden, CO 80402
Located at Red Rocks Entrance #1
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