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Dinosaur Ridge Summer Camp

Registration opens to members January 10th. Full registration for all is open on Febuary 1st. Questions? Contact Erin LaCount at

Click here to download the Summer Camp Registration Form 2017

Do you have a dinosaur or rock enthusiast at home? Would they like to explore over 300 dinosaur footprints and dozens of other fossils from Colorado this summer? Or would they rather identify, collect, and label rocks and minerals for their collections while learning how Colorado was built layer by layer? This year the Friends of Dinosaur Ridge are offering 8 camps designed for your kids to learn about Colorado’s history and prehistory. Filled with activities ranging from measuring REAL dinosaur footprints to collecting rocks from local formations, Dinosaur Ridge Summer Camps can’t be beat!

Dinosaur Ridge Summer Camps

Camp Sessions:

  • Session 1: Fossils and Fun – June 5-9. 9am to 3pm

  • Session 2: Junior Paleontologists – June 12-16. 9am to 3pm

  • Session 3: Junior Geologists – June 19-23. 9am to 3pm

  • Session 4: Fossils and Fun – June 26-30. 9am to 3pm

  • FULL - Session 5: Junior Paleontologists – July 10-14. 9am to 3pm

  • Session 6: Fossils and Fun – July 17-21. 9am to 3pm

  • FULL - Session 7: Junior Paleontologists – July 24-28. 9am to 3pm

  • Session 8: Fossils and Fun – July 31-August 4. 9am to 3pm

Cost: $250 per child per camp (member); $275 per child per camp (non-member).  [Scholarships, Sibling discounts, and Multi-Camp discounts are available – ask for more information.]

Where: Dinosaur Ridge: 16831 W Alameda Pkwy., Morrison, CO 80465 (C-470 and Alameda Pkwy)

Types of Camp:

  • Fossils and Fun Camp: This camp is a great introduction to the geology, paleontology, and ecology of Dinosaur Ridge and the surrounding areas.  Hands-on activities will help campers learn about the ancient environments, landscapes, and the animals of Colorado’s prehistoric Front Range.  Campers will have the chance to explore, measure, draw, observe, and interact with the geology and fossils of the area and explore science like never before among 150 million year old fossils. Ages 6-10.

  • Junior Paleontologists Camp: This camp focuses primarily on the fossils that are found in and around the Morrison and Golden Fossil Areas.  Your campers will explore, observe, map, draw, and measure dinosaur bones and tracks, fossil palm fronds and other plant impressions, and a plethora of other local fossils and prehistoric evidence to learn more about prehistoric Colorado.  Hands-on activities will help them visualize and experience paleontology in a way they never have before!  Ages 8-12.

  • Junior Geologists Camp: This camp will focus on the local rocks and formations of Colorado’s Front Range, as well as what we can learn from rocks and minerals.  With interactives and hands-on activities, campers will get a chance to explore, experiment, observe, measure, collect and even mine rocks and minerals to help them visualize and learn about Earth materials. Ages 8-12.

Type of Camp: science, dinosaurs, fossils, rocks, minerals, co-ed, day camp.

Capacity: The maximum number of campers per camp is 20, so register early!

Registration Contact: Erin LaCount - or 303-697-3466 x 101 (email prefered)

Camp Teachers 2016:

Erin LaCount:  Erin LaCount has been in charge of Education and Programs at Dinosaur Ridge since 2003.  Having grown up at Dinosaur Ridge, Erin attended the first ever Dinosaur Ridge Summer Camps in the late 1990’s.  After a brief hiatus, Erin (along with Amber Rodenfels) revitalized the Dinosaur Ridge summer camps in 2012 and is excited to share her love of dinosaurs with the campers.

Stephen Curro has been worked as a volunteer tour guide and docent for over a year, and was hired in 2016 as the Education Assistant for the Friends. He has a degree in elementary education and is currently in school at Metro State University for a teaching degree! His first year of working with our Summer Camps was 2016.

Laura Sandoval is an elementary school teacher August through May with Denver Public Schools, and 2016 was her second year as a camp teacher at Dinosaur Ridge. She loves hiking, the Broncos, and has a flair for teaching about the natural world.


Click here to download the Summer Camp Registration Form 2017

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