Our indoor exhibit hall, Trek Through Time, is located at our Main Visitor Center (16831 W. Alameda Parkway). Trek Through Time is a hands-on way for you and your family to learn about Dinosaur Ridge and the surrounding areas. Designed to simulate a walk through diverse environments at different prehistoric dates, Trek Through Time features five sweeping, back-lit murals, which greet visitors and help bring to life Colorado’s ancient environments.

Entrance fee is included with your main Dinosaur Ridge ticket ($9 per person), or is $2.00 per person if you choose to only experience Trek Through Time. Kids three and under enter for free! Tickets can be purchased at the Main Gift Shop.

The Murals and Maps

Five scenes were painted in acrylic by world-renowned paleoartist Michael W. Skrepnik, and were digitized, enlarged, and back-lit. These scenes, measuring from five- to eight-feet wide, nearly jump off the wall! The content is based on fossil and geological evidence from Dinosaur Ridge, Triceratops Trail, Green Mountain, and a several other locations in Colorado and Utah.

The Fossils

Fossils in glass cases highlight the bone, plant, and footprint evidence from the Dinosaur Ridge area. Several large replica trackways of local dinosaurs, a crocodile, and several wading birds line the walls in full-size displays, all for touching and exploring.

Kids love Trek Through Time!  Interactives like the Goldilocks Footprint Experiment and the Dinosaurs in Our Backyard Computer Kiosk can be manipulated and explored, showing kids concepts such as how footprints are preserved and how layers of rock form.

Several hands-on Touch Carts in the Exhibit Hall also satiate kids’ desire to poke, prod, and touch things, and provoke questions such as, “What was this unusual thumb used for?” Replica fossils sit atop these carts, including skulls, claws, teeth, horns, and tracks. All replicas are meant to be touched and explored!

Thank you to the following individuals and entities for their help with the Trek Through Time exhibit:

  • Triebold Paleontology for the Pteranodon life restoration model and the Elasmosaurus skull replica! Triebold Paleontology operates out of the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center.
  • Fossil Trace Golf Club for the loan of their beautiful replica Triceratops skull.
  • Dinosaur Brokers for the mounting and prep of the replica Brachiosaurus skull and the Edmontosaurus arm and leg.
  • University of Colorado Denver Dinosaur Trackers and Dr. Martin Lockley for the wonderful track replicas on display!

The following also contributed to our exhibits:

Yale Peabody Museum

Museums of Western Colorado

University of Colorado Museum of Natural History

History Colorado

C. F. Maier Composites

Dinosaur Resin Replica and Karl Walker

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Beth Simmons

Lou Taylor

Chris Weege


We can always use docents for our Trek Through Time Exhibit Hall. Pick a day of the week that works for you, a morning or an afternoon, and enjoy greeting all the people who come in while talking to them about the displays! (Training is provided.)


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