Capital Campaigns

Front Yard Facelift

Goal: $100,000

A campaign to revitalize the grounds and structures at Dinosaur Ridge’s Visitor Center to improve the visitor experience.

Beautification and enhancement projects included:

  • Creating additional outdoor seating areas
  • Landscaping with flowers and xeric plants
  • Refurbishing outbuildings
  • Building play and amusement structures
  • Curating photo-specific areas
  • Improving guest parking

Past Campaigns

Crocodile Creek Viewing Platform

Phase 1 and 2 are complete!

A campaign to build access for the public to experience 100-million-year-old crocodile swim tracks and duck-billed dinosaur tracks.

Phase 1 ($100,000), already funded, included rock stabilization and upslope drainage diversion.

Phase 2 ($130,000), already funded, will provide public access to the tracks, including the following:

  • Stairway
  • Viewing deck
  • Educational signage

For More Information

For questions or more information about our campaigns, contact Dana Rinderknecht, Director of Development and Membership.

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