Master Plan

Fact Sheet

With an estimated 250,000 annual visitors at this globally significant site, a unified guiding document is long overdue.

The Master Plan demonstrates a stakeholder-driven process that incorporates many facets of management, preservation and education into a cohesive product with strategic goals.

Accompanying each goal are clear, agreed-upon objectives that map an immediate path forward toward improved cooperation, preservation, education, and visitor services on the Ridge and in the Westracks Recreation Area.

Full Master Plan

This report is intended to provide a consolidation of recommendations to improve visitor experience, resource preservation, recreation management, programming, facility and amenity functions at what is commonly known as Dinosaur Ridge.

The area has an extensive history which can be explored through many publications and actual visitation to the existing Dinosaur Ridge Visitor Center.

The recommendations in the report should serve as a starting point for more detailed designs, engineering, and final construction documents. Some recommendations may be performed by Dinosaur Ridge and Jefferson County in-house personnel. Other recommendations may require formal development applications, bidding, and contracting. Dinosaur Ridge and Jefferson County Open Space will analyze these recommendations and determine the best methods for implementation.

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