Dinosaur Ridge Trail

This National Natural Landmark is the site of more than 300 dinosaur tracks, with 250 at the main tracksite, and is now ranked by paleontologists as #1 dinosaur tracksite in America. This is also the location of the world’s first Stegosaurus fossil discovery! A quarter of a million visitors explored Dinosaur Ridge in 2021, helping us fulfill our dual missions of education and fossil preservation.

The Dinosaur Ridge Trail is a paved section of West Alameda Parkway, which is open to pedestrians, bicyclists, and hikers, and closed to motorized traffic. The site is world-famous for its Cretaceous period tracks and Jurassic period bones and remarkable geologic features. With more than 15 fossil and geologic sites, each marked by interpretive signage, that can be accessed by foot, bike, or guided bus tour, there is nothing in the world like it. Walking the Ridge Trail takes 1-2 hours and is just over two miles round-trip on an inclined paved road.

Construction of West Alameda Parkway was finished in 1937. The road cut into the Dakota Hogback uncovered rock layers with fossilized dinosaur and prehistoric crocodile footprints. Designated by the National Park Service as a National Natural Landmark and named by the State of Colorado as a Colorado Natural Area, Dinosaur Ridge welcomes approximately 250,000 people per year.

Learn more about our in-depth guided bus and walking tours of the Dinosaur Ridge Trail.

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