Dig Areas for Kids

Backyard Bones: Cretaceous Crime Scene

The Backyard Bones site is near the Main Gift Shop and picnic area. This simulated dinosaur dig teaches kids how paleontologists search for fossil evidence, interpret the evidence, and identify the dinosaur from the bones. A sign helps explorers see how evidence of a dinosaur skeleton may be found in a real dig site.

Seaway Fossil Box: Keep A Fossil!

Located outside the Exhibit Hall you’ll find the most popular spot for many small visitors. The “Seaway Fossil Box” is a sandy replica environment that allows kids to sift for items like shark teeth, shells, and ammonites (coil-shelled ancient squid).

The best part? Kids get to keep one of the fossils they find and bury the rest for others to uncover. Bring one into the Exhibit Hall and the docent will give you a small keepsake bag and ID card!

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