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Colorado Gives Day-don’t let us go extinct!

Early giving begins Nov 1st and goes through Dec 5th for Colorado Gives Day-a day that as Coloradans, we get to celebrate the impact of coming together and lifting up our local communities by donating to favorite Colorado nonprofits like Dinosaur Ridge! All donations made between November 1 – December 5 qualify for prizes and incentives.

Your support helps protect this paleontological gem where prehistory comes alive, and where dinosaurs once roamed. Dinosaur Ridge is not just a place; it’s an outdoor museum showcasing our planet’s incredible history, brought to life by a passionate community that is determined to share this awe-inspiring story with the world.

We offer Child Care Tax Credit if you donate specifically for one of our education programs. To learn more contact Amy at

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Dinosaur Ridge is a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are tax deductible and may be given for specific or general uses. We greatly appreciate your support!

Dinosaur Ridge is a 501(c)(3) organization that relies on donations from generous people like you so that we may:

  • Continue operating as the #1 ranked dinosaur tracksite in the country
  • Enhance education opportunities for visitors
  • Increase awareness about Dinosaur Ridge
  • Plan for the expansion of Dinosaur Ridge to meet growing demand

Colorado Residents: are you expecting a state income tax refund?

Now you can give some or all of it to support Dinosaur Ridge. To participate, look for the Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit line on your tax return or tax software and enter DINOSAUR RIDGE for the name and 20023004358 for the registration number. Learn more about the program at ReFUND CO.

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Shop and Earn Community Rewards for Dinosaur Ridge

NOW AVAILABLE! If you shop at King Soopers or City Market, your loyalty card can earn you and Dinosaur Ridge rewards points each time you shop. Visit your account online and search for Dinosaur Ridge under Community Rewards to add us to the program. We greatly appreciate it!

Cars Helping Charities

Donate Your Car

A great way to help Dinosaur Ridge is to donate a vehicle you no longer need. Our partner, Cars Helping Charities, makes the process easy. Visit their website to start the process. You can choose to complete the submission online or request a quick phone call.

Ways to Support Dinosaur Ridge

Your tax-deductible donation can be made in multiple ways listed below. Dinosaur Ridge is grateful for your support.

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