The Land Before Podcast

Fossil Histories and Paleo Mysteries

Welcome to the Land Before Podcast, a podcast exploring fossil histories and paleo mysteries from Dinosaur Ridge, sites around Colorado, the United States, and everywhere on Earth where the remains of dinosaurs and prehistoric life is found.

Dinosaur Ridge staff members teamed up to create this podcast to connect with dinosaur enthusiasts, those interested in paleontology, geology, ichnology, natural resource preservation, STEM education, natural history, and new fossil discoveries.

Our network of experts share their knowledge and interpretations, explore the issues and challenges impacting the field, do some myth-busting, and of course celebrate the fun stuff from fresh fossil finds to dinosaur movies, dinosaur art, and the stories told in popular culture that continue to fuel human fascination with life on the planet from long before our time.

The Land Before Podcast

Season One

Coming Soon: Season Two!

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