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2022 Travel & Adult Field Trips

Join us for our 2022 Adult Field Trips! Save the dates below and scroll down to see all of the trip details.

  • *NEW DATES: June 4-5 Seaway to Extinction: Baculite Mesa and K/Pg Boundary Pueblo and Trinidad, Colorado and Raton, New Mexico. Led by Erin LaCount and Dr. Louis Taylor.
  • August 31 Behind-the-Scenes Collections Tours at Dinosaur Ridge, Morrison Natural History Museum, and Denver Museum of Nature & Science led by Collections Experts at each site.
  • October 22-23 Picket Wire Canyonlands Dinosaur Tracksite in the Comanche Grasslands of Southeast Colorado co-led by renowned paleontologists Dr. Martin Lockley and Dr. Bruce Schumacher.

Seaway to Extinction – Baculite Mesa & K/Pg Boundary – *NEW DATES: June 4-5, 2022

Two-Day Trip to Pueblo & Trinidad, Colorado + Raton, New Mexico – June 4-5, 2022
Nearly 85 million years ago, what would become Colorado was completely inundated by an interior seaway, and blankets of mud buried remnants of marine life deep beneath the waves. Over the next 19 million years ago, this seaway shrank and retreated partially due to the uplift of the region caused by the slowly rising Rocky Mountains. At the foot of this infant range roamed Colorado’s last dinosaurs, as 66 million years ago, a catastrophic impact of a meteorite ended the Cretaceous Period in what’s known as a mass extinction event.

Join Dinosaur Ridge for the first day of this trip (Saturday) as we explore the hardened mud layers of that ancient seaway of Pueblo, Colorado collecting baculites (straight-shelled extinct cephalopods) and clams at a locale perfectly named Baculite Mesa. We’ll be joining our friends at the Western Interior Paleontological Society (WIPS) on this portion of the trip and benefiting from their extensive experience exploring these private lands for fossils for nearly 30 years. The best part: you get to keep what you discover for your home collections! 

From Pueblo, we journey to Trinidad, Colorado where we enjoy a delightful meal, and a lecture on the K/Pg Boundary and Extinction by trip co-leader Dr. Louis Taylor. Day two brings us to the end of the Age of Dinosaurs. Sunday morning, we head out to Trinidad State Park and then further into Raton, New Mexico to visit three sites where the remnants of the meteorite impact can be seen in the local geology. 

This unique field trip offers a guided exploration of both Baculite Mesa and the K/Pg Extinction sites, so come explore with us! 

$130/person (20% off for members)

– Lunch at Baculite Mesa (sandwiches/salads)
– Fossil Collecting at Baculite Mesa (keep what you find)
– Dinner in Trinidad at (TBD)
– Lecture on K/Pg Boundary and Extinction by Dr. Louis Taylor (during dinner)
– Transportation in Dinosaur Ridge’s 15 passenger vans
– Donation to dinosaur track protective measures at Dinosaur Ridge

Hotel room(s). Dinosaur Ridge will be holding a block of rooms at the Trinidad La Quinta Inn and Suites for attendees to reserve.

Please call the hotel to reserve your room. We have a block reserved through May 7th, 2022 (Saturday). After that, the rooms will be released and the discounted rate will not be applied!

Trinidad La Quinta Inn and Suites:
(719) 845-0102
Let them know it’s for the Dinosaur Ridge block.
Cost: $159, discounted to $139 (through May 7, 2022)
The option of sharing a room with someone of the same gender is available and the option will be shared with attendees upon registration via email from Erin LaCount.


A Trip Through Colorado’s Collections – August 31, 2022

A Day Trip to Dinosaur Ridge, Morrison Natural History Museum, and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science
August 31st – 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Join Dinosaur Ridge on this excursion to see what’s housed behind the locked doors, cabinets, and back rooms of Colorado natural history museums! A guided tour and exploration of geology, paleontology, and mining collections at Dinosaur Ridge will start the day. After, we’ll head to the home of the first Stegosaurus and other recent Morrison discoveries at the Morrison Natural History Museum. We then trek across town to the renowned Denver Museum of Nature and Science for lunch and a VIP  behind-the-scenes tour of their Education, Paleontology, and Geology collections led by Jeff Stephenson and James Hagadorn. Join us on this exploration, won’t you? 

(20% off for members – join today!)

– Transportation in Dinosaur Ridge air conditioned 15-passenger vans
– Behind-the-scenes tour of Dinosaur Ridge’s redesigned collections & library
– Behind-the-scenes tour of Morrison Natural History Museum collections
– Behind-the-scenes tour of Denver Museum of Nature and Science paleo, geo, and education collections
– Donations to all organizations

Lunch at DMNS. You can bring your own, or purchase from their cafés. We will have a lunch break and time to chat during this trip.


WAITLISTED – Picket Wire Canyonlands Dinosaur Tracksite – October 22-23, 2022

Two-Day Trip to Picket Wire Canyonlands Dinosaur Tracksite
Comanche Grasslands of Southeastern Colorado
October 22-23, 2022

Join Dinosaur Ridge and the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists for a Tour of the “mother” of all dinosaur tracksites at Picket Wire Canyonlands. Located in the Comanche Grasslands along the Purgatoire River, this tracksite (“Dinosaur Lake”) is considered the largest continuously mapped dinosaur fossil footprint assemblage known from the Late Jurassic Morrison formation and contains some of the world’s longest trackways.   Roughly 1,300 tracks representing ~100 trackways were reported from a 5,600 marea in 1986. Extensive new excavations have revealed more than 800 additional tracks in a 2,600 m2 area. Time-permitting, we may have an added opportunity to see ruins from early Spanish and European settlers and get a rare glimpse at treasured Indigenous rock art found in the area.

This trip will be led by two renowned paleontologists, Dr. Martin Lockley and Dr. Bruce Schumacher. Dr. Lockley and his CU Denver students conducted research on the Picket Wire tracksite during the 1980s and developed important insights into dinosaur gregarious social behavior within the lake-margin depositional setting. Dr. Schumacher is a USDA Forest Service paleontologist who has been involved with numerous Triassic to Cretaceous vertebrate fossil excavations in the area over the past decade. He has led volunteer crews of citizen stewards who are credited for uncovering and recording all the new dinosaur tracks on the North side of the river.

$200/person (20% off for members)

– Dinner and pre-trip talks by Dr. Lockley and Dr. Schumacher at Otera College on Sat. Oct 22nd
– 9am-4pm guided tour of the dinosaur tracksite and Picket Wire Canyonlands on Sunday, Sun. Oct 23rd
– For an additional fee of $75 per person: roundtrip transportation from Denver in an SUV rented by Dinosaur Ridge.

– Transportation to La Junta, CO. (A limited number of spaces in rented vehicles are reserveable to ride from Denver for an additional fee of $75pp) 

– Lodging in La Junta. (A block of rooms has been reserved for participants at the La Junta Holiday Inn Express. $119/room)
– 4WD high-clearance transportation into the canyon (carpooling in rented and participant SUV’s will be arranged)
– Breakfast and picnic lunch on Sunday (Breakfast provided for participants staying at the Holiday Inn Express)

Walking/hiking up to 1 mile over uneven and at times unmarked terrain to access the tracksite and other sites based on individual interest. Depending on weather conditions, the terrain may be rocky, sandy, muddy, or wet.


Photos above by Charlie Bartberger & Ira Pasternack