TriceraTOTs Preschool Program


Join educator Diane Seymour (aka “Diana Saurus”) for a series of virtual Pre-Kindergarten dinosaur-themed crafts. Diane has more than 25 years of classroom experience teaching PreK-5th grade students and currently serves as a supervisor in the Dinosaur Ridge gift shops. Virtual programs are shared on Facebook at no charge (but we always appreciate donations)!
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Diane Seymour

TriceraTOTs Virtual Programs

2022 Video Crafts Schedule

Visit the Dino Ridge Facebook page the 2nd Tuesday of every month for the latest episode

  • Tuesday, February 8 – VALENTINO DINO
    Supplies: Construction paper, scissors, markers, googly eyes, Valentine Template
  • Tuesday, March 8 – JURASSIC POOP COOKIES!
    Ingredients: Butter, Brown Sugar, Granulated Sugar, 2 Eggs, 2 Egg Yolks, Salt, Baking Soda, Cocoa Powder, Flour, Chocolate Chips, Nuts (optional)
  • Tuesday, April 12 – COMPOST IN A BOTTLE
    Supplies: Large lidded container, Soil, Fertilizer like chicken poop, Fruit/veggie peels, Yard clippings, leaves or small twigs, Egg shells, Water, Paper (napkins, paper towels, newsprint)
  • Tuesday, May 10 – EDIBLE SOIL LAYERS
    Ingredients: Small glass, Spoon, Paper Towels, Pudding, Cookies (2 sandwich style), Gummy worms, Shredded coconut, Chocolate chips or other candy
  • Tuesday, June 14 – BUTTERFLIES
    Supplies: Paper coffee filters, washable markers, pipe cleaners, an eye dropper, water, imagination!
  • Tuesday, July 12 – 5 OCEAN LEVELS
    Supplies: 5 jars with lids, food coloring: blue, green, red, paper towels, optional: small marine animal figures
  • Tuesday, August 9 – MAKING TRACKS
    Supplies: Butcher paper or newspaper, washable paint, foam paint brushes, soapy water for cleanup
  • Tuesday, September 13 – Dinosaur Card Games
    Supplies: Download and print cards from an online source like Pinterest
  • Tuesday, October 11 – TBD
  • Tuesday, November 8 – TBD
  • Tuesday, December 13 – TBD


Past Shows

TriceraTOTs VIDEO Library

Check out our Facebook TriceraTOTs video library for past activities. Templates and instructions for specific projects are listed below.

Activity: Shadow Dinosaurs

Supplies: Butcher paper, markers, dinosaurs

Activity: Making Mary Anning

Supplies: Clay or Playdough, stencil, butter knife

Activity: Dinosaur Eggs

Supplies: Plastic eggs, baking soda, vinegar

Activity: Dino in a Jar

Supplies: Small dinos, environment props, jar

Activity: Shadow Art

Supplies: Butcher paper, markers, dinosaurs

Activity: Polar Dinosaurs

Supplies: Polar dinosaurs, “Snow”, water and container, rocks, little trees, grass, ponds

Activity: Pinecone Stegosaurus

Supplies: Pine cones, salt dough (Salt Dough Fossils), markers

Salt Dough Fossils

Supplies: Small plastic dinosaurs, flour, salt, warm water, measuring cups, and spoons

Dinosaur Ornament

Supplies: Construction paper, White glue, Glue sticks, Glitter glue, Popsicle Sticks, Cotton balls, Feathers, Kids’ scissors, Pencils, Crayons, Pom poms, Buttons

Dinosaur Wreath

Time to craft a dinosaur wreath for the door of your choosing!

Supplies: Paper plates, scissors, crayons,  and glue, template available here


Is your Thanksgiving turkey a living dinosaur?

Supplies: Construction paper, White glue, Glue sticks, Glitter glue, Popsicle Sticks, Cotton balls, Feathers, Kids’ scissors, Pencils, Crayons, Pom poms, Buttons


Learn your shapes while having fun crafting a geometric dinosaur!

Template: Shape-a-saurus template

Supplies: Printer paper, pencil, glue, scissors, googly eyes (optional: crayons, markers, feathers, stickers, tissue paper, paint, glitter, pom-poms)