About Dinosaur Ridge

Dinosaur Ridge is part of the Morrison-Golden Fossil Areas National Natural Landmark located just east of Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre in suburban Denver. A panel of esteemed paleontologists ranks Dinosaur Ridge the top dinosaur tracksite in North America, and one of the top such sites in the world. Please plan to visit us and find out how you can help us protect our treasures!

Dinosaur Ridge Non-profit Information

Non-profit Information

Dinosaur Ridge educates and inspires wonder in visitors of all backgrounds about the science and history of the fossils and natural resources found at Dinosaur Ridge, Triceratops Trail, and related paleontology sites. We practice responsible stewardship with a strong commitment and urgency to preserve the fossils and natural resources for future generations.

Dinosaur Ridge Master Plan

Master Plan

The Dinosaur Ridge Master Plan is available for public review.

History and Discoveries at Dinosaur Ridge

History & Discoveries

Dinosaur Ridge has a long history of amazing discoveries. Learn more about our past.

Dino Ridge News

Dino Ridge News

Find out what’s happening at Dinosaur Ridge.

Dinosaur Ridge Publications and Press

Publications and Press

Find Press Coverage of Dino Ridge, Press Room Media Materials and contact information.

The Land Before Podcast

The Land Before Podcast

Our podcast explores fossil histories and paleo mysteries from Dinosaur Ridge, sites around Colorado, the United States, and everywhere on Earth where the remains of dinosaurs and prehistoric life is found.

Dinosaur Ridge Staff


Our staff members are the heart of Dinosaur Ridge, passionate about providing the best service possible.

Dinosaur Ridge Board of Directors


Our Board of Directors members are dedicated to upholding the mission.

Job Opportunities at Dinosaur Ridge


Employees at Dinosaur Ridge are a part of an exciting team working to teach people about a world-famous paleontology site and National Natural Landmark.

Help Dinosaur Ridge

All programs at Dinosaur Ridge are funded by donations and made possible with support from volunteers. Without generous people like you, this world-famous tracksite would not be as open and accessible to visitors as it is today. Please consider making a donation, becoming a member, and/or volunteering your time to help keep the work at Dinosaur Ridge going and growing.

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