Monthly Donation

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Why Monthly Partnership?

  • It’s easy to set up and maintain support.
  • You can donate small amounts that make an ongoing impact and contribute to the organization’s stability.
  • Monthly giving ensures the longevity of Dinosaur Ridge through busy and slow times.
  • Give in a sustainable way, with donations that are manageable for your budget.

Suggested Amounts  

  • $17 – number of plates on a Stegosaurus spine
  • $18.77 – year the first bones were excavated from Dinosaur Ridge
  • $22.40 – weight in tons of the Apatosaurus
  • $150 – million years since dinosaurs roamed the area

Thank You Current Preservation Partners!  

Mary Ann Bonnell
William Bottoms Jr.
Patrick Chang
Julie Hendricks
Jeff Lamontagne
Elizabeth Landen
John & Ruth McDonald
Margaret O’Keefe
Marlene Pickett
Danice Rinderknecht
Sheilah Roenfeldt
Stephen Strachan
Paul & Donna Tanzer
Kristin and George Walker
Dona Wallace

Make a Monthly Donation

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