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Walking Tour: Dinosaur Freeways / Cretaceous Seaways

Explore our world famous fossil sites! This walking tour is an inquiry-based program with visits to at least four areas on Dinosaur Ridge. Participants  will make observations of the fossil bones and tracks of dinosaurs as well as unique geologic features. Our trained guides focus on fossils/rock layers and how they form, and how ancient climates are different from today and changed over time. Students will be engaged in the scientific method with time for observations and questions. This tour can be modified to your group’s interests/curriculum upon request.

Length of program: 2-3 hours

Grade Levels: 5-12, and adult groups

Maximum Program Capacity: 25 participants per guide – 4 Guides Max

Fee & Deposit: School groups – $7/student and non-teacher chaperones. Teachers are free. Non-school groups – $9/person. Minimum deposit for 12 participants required.

Scholarship Fee: $2/student and non-teacher chaperones. Teachers are free.

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Dinosaur Ridge offers full and partial scholarships for qualifying schools. These scholarships are available through the Field Experience Fund for Title I schools with 50% or more on the Free-and-Reduced-Lunch Program. Learn more about Dinosaur Ridge School Program Scholarships.

We also work with the Jefferson County Outdoors Foundation, which provides transportation reimbursement for qualifying schools.

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