Board, Founders & Track ID Team

A Tribute to Dr. Martin Lockley

Please enjoy this moving and beautifully produced short video tribute to the late paleontologist Dr. Martin Lockley who passed away on November 25, 2023. This video was produced by the Korean Broadcasting System using excerpts from an award-winning documentary KBS created in 2022 featuring Dr. Lockley at various fossil tracksites including Dinosaur Ridge.

Our deepest appreciation to Dr. Jong-Deock LIM (Paleontologist and long-time friend and colleague of Dr. Lockley’s) and Mr. Kwang-Rok LEE & Ms. Narun JO (Korean Broadcasting System) for permission to share this wonderful tribute to our mutual friend.

Dinosaur Ridge Board of Directors

Photo: Dinosaur Ridge Board of Directors

Pictured Left to Right Back Row: Pallavi Jhaveri, Trey Harrison, Steve Strachan, Amy Boulas, Marlene Pickett, Left to Right Front Row: Cindy Matthews, Donna Anderson, Marsha Barber,  Bill Savage, and FODR Executive Director Jeff Lamontagne (Not pictured: Lorraine Alcott, Ann Norton)

Stephen Strachan (Board Chair): Retired, Founder, Strachan Exploration, Inc.*

Lorraine Alcott (Board Vice-Chair): Retired Geologist*

Trey Harrison (Board Treasurer): Portfolio Manager, Assistant Vice President, U.S. Bank*

Donna Anderson, PhD (Board Secretary): Sedimentary geologist, author, affilliate faculty Colorado School of Mines*

Marsha Barber: Retired, Science Coordinator, Jefferson County Public Schools

Amy Boulas: VP Development, Children’s Tumor Foundation

Jonna Gentry: Retired, Science Teacher

Cindy Matthews: Dir. of Communications, Colorado Gives Foundation

Ann Norton: Attorney, Norton Law Firm

Matt Morgan: State Geologist and Director of Colorado Geological Survey

Bill Savage: Retired, Managing Director, NITEC LLC

*Executive Committee

Want to Serve on a Committee?

If you’re interested in getting more involved with Friends of Dinosaur Ridge at a strategic level, please contact Jeff Lamontagne.


  • Development & Marketing Committee: Steve Strachan (Chair)
  • Diversity Committee: Amy Boulas (Chair)
  • Education Committee: Marsha Barber (Chair)
  • Finance Committee: Trey Harrison (Chair)
  • Governance Committee: Ann Norton (Board Liaison)
  • Preservation Committee: Marlene Pickett (Chair)
  • Master Plan Committee: Lorraine Alcott (Chair)
Photo of Caldwell Buntin, Neffra Matthews, Brent Breithaupt, and Paul Murphey at Dinosaur Ridge.

Track ID Team

Dinosaur Ridge now has a team of nine to call on in the case of suspected new trace fossil finds. These experienced professionals stand ready to help verify and interpret tracks within the Morrison-Golden Fossil Areas National Natural Landmark and specimens brought to us by members of the public.

From left to right: Caldwell Buntin (PhD Candidate in Paleontology, Old Dominion University), Neffra Matthews (Retired Geographer/Photogrammetrist with Bureau of Land Management), Dr. Brent Breithaupt (BLM Regional Director, Wyoming), and Dr. Paul Murphey (Mitigation Paleontologist).

Not pictured:

Amy Atwater (Paleontologist and FODR Development & Membership Director)

Erin LaCount (FODR Education Programs Director)

Marcello Toscanini (FODR Tour Guide and Paleo student)

Jerry Harris (Director of Paleontology, Utah Tech University)

Dr. Christian Meyer (University of Basel & Museo de Historia Natural Alcide d’Orbigny, Switzerland)

Advisory Board

The Dinosaur Ridge Advisory Board is a group of subject field experts that relate to our mission. They are leaders in their fields and have demonstrated their commitment to our organization and/or mission. We turn to them for periodic advice and review of our programmatic work.

  • Brent Breithaupt, Curator/Director, University of Wyoming Geological Museum (Retired)
  • Joan Chavez-Lee, Principal (multiple schools) and teacher (multiple schools) in Jefferson County, Colorado (Retired)
  • Neffra Matthews, Prehistoric Impressions; retired Geographer, Bureau of Land Management
  • Linda Morris, Elementary Science Coordinator, Denver Public Schools; Elementary Science Specialist, Jefferson County Public Schools (Retired)
  • Matthew Mossbrucker, Executive Director, Morrison Natural History Museum
  • Robert Payo, Manager of Program and Exhibit Development, DMNS
  • Dr. Nicole Peavey, Staff Paleontologist, Colorado Department of Transportation
  • Dr. Bob Raynolds, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Geologist/Research Associate
  • Kermit Shields, Geologist and former Dinosaur Ridge Board Director from 2006-21
  • Joe Tempel, Co-Founder and First Executive Director, Friends of Dinosaur Ridge (Retired)
  • Dr. Beth Simmons, Paleontologist (Retired); former Secretary of Friends of Dinosaur Ridge
  • Dr. Louis H. Taylor, Ph.D., Vertebrate Paleontologist/Geologist, Past FODR Board President
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