Baculite Mesa

Come explore Colorado’s ancient Western Interior Seaway with us while also getting to find and take home your own fossils specimens. We’re off to Baculite Mesa! This is a section of private land where the landowners allow private fossil collecting of marine fossils, and on June 15th, Dinosaur Ridge is going to go explore these layers of the Western Interior Seaway!

This field trip will take 13 registrants into the Pierre Shale, the 92-million-year-old seaway deposits that cover much of the eastern part of Colorado. At our fingertips will be ammonites, baculites, clams, snails, even super rare fossils like sand dollars and shark teeth!

Study Leader

Erin LaCount began visiting Dinosaur Ridge as a young child with her grandparents in the 1990s, had her high school senior portrait taken on the Ridge, held her wedding reception at the Main Visitor Center, and in April 2022 celebrated her 20th year on staff, currently as Director of Education Programs. You might say she lives and breathes Dino Ridge, and is certainly the person with more institutional knowledge than anyone, serving as our internal fact-checker and source of truth.

Dr. Lou Taylor is a Research Associate at the Denver Museum of Natural History and is going on his 36th year at the institution. He’s served Dinosaur Ridge in many capacities over the years, from volunteer to the Board, and has expertise in just about every aspect of geology and paleontology across Colorado and farther.

Location & Transportation

Meet at the Main Visitor Center where we will take a 15-passenger bus to Pueblo and back for this day trip.

Physical Exertion Level/Accessibility

Easy to moderate difficulty level. Hiking around the buttes and drainages, which are about ¼ to ½-mile from parking area, will be required to find specimens. Many specimens can be found lying on the ground or eroding out of the drainages for those that have issues climbing or working on sloped surfaces. These are high desert conditions, elevation ~5,200 feet. No bathroom facilities onsite, but restrooms are available at the gas station at the Troy Ave exit on CO Hwy 47. The trip may be cut short if it starts to rain heavily, because the clay soil is very slippery and the road gets really muddy.

Program Fee

$150 per person ($25 discount with member code)
Includes transportation to and from Pueblo, sadnwich/wrap/salad packed lunch for the day, water refills and snacks.



Trip Cancellation Policy

This trip is contingent on a minimum of 6 registered participants and will be cancelled by June 1st if the minimum is not met.

  • If the trip is cancelled by Dinosaur Ridge, participants will receive a full refund of program fees paid.
  • All cancellations must be received in writing.
  • Cancellations received 20 or more calendar days prior to departure qualify for a full refund.
  • Cancellations received 10 calendar days prior to departure qualify for an 50% refund.
  • Cancellations received 5 calendar days prior to departure do not qualify for a refund of program fees.
  • You may transfer your registration to another attendee or donate your payment.

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Baculite Mesa
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