Everything Dinosaur (on the Rocks) Lecture #9: Pachycephalosaurs

This lecture series covers select dinosaurs and local geology from the Morrison Fossil Area National Natural Landmark in Colorado. This is Lecture #9 and will cover bone-headed dinosaurs!

Everything Dinosaurs on the Rocks is a lecture series filled with basic and local Colorado foothills geology and a literal ton of dinosaur knowledge all in one place! Join us in person OR online via Zoom for the entire series. Can’t attend during the morning? Not an issue! We record the sessions and will send you a link to the recording so you can watch on your own time.

Education Programs Director Erin LaCount will lead the paleontology-themed lectures, and Education, Collections, and Camp Coordinator Amanda Rea will lead the geology-themed lectures. Each lecture is 1.5 hours long.

Registration Bundle: $65 (includes all 14 lectures; schedule/links provided via email after registration).
Individual Sessions: $5/session. Pick and choose the information you wish to glean (links provided after registration).

The in-person location for the lectures is the Dinosaur Martin G. Lockley Discovery Center, NOT the Main Visitor Center. The lectures take place in a downstairs classroom. If you would like to attend but foresee an accessibility concern, please contact us and we will move the lecture to an accessible room. The Martin G. Lockley Discovery Center is at Red Rocks Entrance #1, the first building on the right:

17681 W. Alameda Parkway
Golden, CO 80401

Online, the lectures will be made available in two ways: in-person will be via Zoom and a link will be provided for each lecture after registration. After the event date will be via Vimeo with a video link and password for access, and a link will be sent after registration.

Lectures & Schedule

Lecture #1: Paleontology 101
Thursday, February 1 – 10:00am

Lecture #2: What IS a Dinosaur?
Thursday, February 8 – 10:00am

Lecture #3: Sauropods
Thursday, February 15 – 10:00am

Lecture #4: Theropods
Thursday, February 22 – 10:00am

Lecture #5: Stegosaurs
Thursday, February 29 – 10:00am

Lecture #6: Ankylosaurs
Thursday, March 7 – 10:00am

Lecture #7: Iguanodonts (Mostly)
Thursday, March 14 – 10:00am

Lecture #8: Hadrosaurs
Thursday, March 28 – 10:00am

Lecture #9: Pachycephalosaurs
Thursday, April 4 – 10:00am

Lecture #10: Ceratopsians
Thursday, April 11 – 10:00am

Lecture #11: Non-Dinosaur Archosaurs
Thursday April 18 – 10:00am

Lecture #12: Mammals
Thursday, April 25 – 10:00am

Lecture #13: Geology 101
Thursday, May 2 – 10:00am

Lecture #14: Local Colorado Geology
Thursday, May 9 – 10:00am

Image credit: Reconstruction of Pachycephalosaurus wyomingensis based on the “Sandy” specimen. Artwork by Fred Wierum.

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