Fireside Chat with Dr. Louis Taylor, Vertebrate Paleontologist

Dr. Lou Taylor has ghost story to share. If you haven't heard about the Amphicoelias, or haven't heard the latest, here's your chance to learn about the mysterious sauropod first described by Edward Drinker Cope in 1877 during the Bone Wars.

Dr. Lou Taylor, Ph.D.

Even in “retirement” Lou wears many hats, including as Advisory Board member for Friends of Dinosaur Ridge and Research Associate for the Denver Museum of Nature and Science where he continues to conduct research  and teach classes in paleontology and rocks and minerals. While ancient mammals are his favorites, Dr. Lou loves a good dinosaur yarn and will share a great one about the so-called Ghost Dinosaur Amphicoelias. And guess what- Dinosaur Ridge has a vertebra from this long-necked creature in its collections! Come hear the story and enjoy some drinks and nibbles at the Martin G. Lockley Discovery Center.

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