September 12 Fireside Chat: Sex, Lies, & Rattlesnakes!

Dinosaur Ridge is a natural habitat for the venomous viper, but they are not the enemy! Gain a healthy respect for these beautiful animals in September's Fireside Chat guest speaker presentation.
This month’s Fireside Chat at the Martin G. Lockley Discovery Center will focus on the scaly creatures that sometimes add a little excitement to Dinosaur Ridge. Jefferson County Open Space Visitor Services and Natural Resources Director Mary Ann Bonnell is a rattlesnake expert. She will present on the venomous vipers with the distinct warning sound and answer all your questions. Hear the stories, learn the facts, and enjoy some refreshments on Tuesday, September 12 from 6-8 p.m.

Please note: traffic may be heavy at Entrance 1 to Red Rocks due to a concert that evening so give yourself a little extra time to arrive.

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Fireside Chat Sept 12, 2023
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